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This is a home we purchased just after arriving in Medford Oregon. We lived in this home for 7 years. It originally had 2 beds and 1 bathroom on the upper level, and 1 Master suite on the lower level along with the kitchen, living area, walk-in safe, art studio/study and the 2 car garage which had a storage/tool room next to it.  When renovation where complete the house offer: 2 Master Bedroom, 1 Upper Level 1 Lower Level, 2 Beds upper level, a walk-in safe, living area, gourmet kitchen, storage room, utility room, photography studio, 2 car garage and storage/tool room attached.

The home what built of solid concrete with one of the most divine views I have ever seen in my life time and not that many windows to enjoy the view. We worked really hard on this home to make it is wha

It certainly ended up absolutely stunning!!

Below you will see 5 homes that we purchased in various stages of disrepair or disfunction and renovated to sell. At this stage in my life was a Real Estate Agent licensed in Oregon. I worked mostly in the Southern Oregon areas and loved every minute of it, but realized that it is a tough business with much competition and all the current top gun agents around me earned by respect.

Real Estate agents in America work really really hard to gain the trust of their customers. Hats off to all of you!


This is a home was truly our biggest challenge repair wise as it was severely neglected and in a horrible state. I was the eyesore of the neighborhood and over the years had become a know drug house.  Once our crew moved on site we had many offers of congratulations from neighbors who where really happy that the home was to be fixed up.  It is true to say that once this home was fixed and sold it truly upgraded the whole street.

We had a lot of fun and learnt a lot from this house. The house sold the 3 hours after we listed and we received a full price cash offer.

That made all the hard work worth it.


This is a home proved to be almost as much of a challenge that the house above proved to be except it was a little smaller and had different issues that had to be resolved.

Again we had a lot fun and a lot of hard work was invested into the home which also got us an offer on the first day of listing.

It is truly rewarding when people appreciate the work and design that goes into these flips.